Top 5 Casino Slot Machine Choices

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Top 5 Casino Slot Machine Choices

It’s easy to lose track of time while you’re waiting for your casino slot machine to spin and when the time comes to pay, you may not be able to decide whether or not you should play. That’s when a great way to avoid getting excited and losing all your money is to take a few minutes and play a few games on your computer. Here are five popular slot machines that can be found online.

The first machine we’ll look at is the Big Game Machine. This game is set up like most other slots except that you start with 100 coins instead of chips. It is also much smaller than other slot machines so if you don’t have a lot of space, this might not be the best option for you. However, it does offer a quick game and many of the jackpots are actually progressive, which means that over time the jackpot will get larger.

Another popular casino game machine is the Video Poker Machine. This is basically a game of chance with five reel slots. You spin the reels and hit the numbers in the right combination to match the number color displayed on the reels. The goal is to match more colors with the same number than the number of colors coming out. This is actually one of the easiest machines to play. It’s popular with people who aren’t familiar with casino games as they can usually just stop playing once their luck hits the big one.

The third slot machine we’ll look at is the Big Swing. This slot machine is one of the most popular in the casinos and it’s because of its simplicity. You’ll stand in front of a roulette wheel and hit the buttons until you see four numbers come up. Then you simply match those numbers to the colors on the reels and you win a prize. This is the same concept as the Video Poker Machine but it doesn’t offer any other types of prizes.

The fourth machine on our list is the Air Hockey Machine. This is another popular choice among casino goers. Again, you’ll stand on a revolving floor with a puck for the ball to land on. In addition to wining money, you also get to sit and watch the game as it passes by.

One of the oldest and most popular machines on the casino floor is the Slot Machine Diner. The rules of this machine are the same as the Video Poker Machine. The only difference is that you can eat at the snack machine while you wait to play. This machine also offers players the chance to make some extra money by winning spins or if they match the color of a coin in the coin slot.

The fifth slot machine on our list is the Bonus Slot Machine. This machine offers you a chance to win a free spin on a slot machine and can be used on one of the two video slot machines mentioned earlier. When you spin the Bonus Slot Machine, a wheel appears which has ten chances on each of the ten spaces on the wheel. You must match the right colors on the ten spaces on the wheel or you will lose all your winnings.

Hopefully you’ve been able to determine which of the five slot machines on this list is right for you to play. Once you win a spin on any of these machines you will be automatically refunded to your account. Some people prefer to win more than they expect to so they end up taking home more money from these slot machines than what they initially paid for them. However, many of the slot players who place high bets on Video Poker Machines end up losing because their initial expectations were too high. Just use your best judgment and do what you feel comfortable doing, and most of the time you’ll be fine.